Mrs. Nurani Islam, Secretary
We are women NGO totally run and controlled by representatives of underprivileged communities, guiding and working as regular volunteers by professional with reach experience in the sector. Our working area is the eastern region of India, W.B. Till date we are concentrating on south and north 24 Parganas, Particularly Rajarhat vicinity area. The area is mostly Muslim populated (around 60%) with poor financial, individualistic educational, health and estate infrastructure. We are rendering our services since 1992 and gaining slowly but steadily hearts of the locality (i.e around of 6 lacks people). Till date we are servicing around 15,000 households.

Community Development through community resources - Our organization is working for the community by the community within the community.
AJMU is to become a social organization which will provide required support to underprivileged people of Rajarhat and its surrounding areas which will ensure their survival with dignity and confidence in spite of Industrialization, Modernization, Globalization and Privatization.
  • Understanding the needs of Underprivileged people.
  • Identifying individual skills and potentials.
  • Providing training.
  • Developing livelihood.
  • Providing education to all level.
  • Nutrition & Health (Basic health knowledge and food habit)
Atghara, Purbapara, P.O. Rajarhat-Gopalpur, Kolkata-700136, State: West Bengal, India
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